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KYCC has been operating for 6 years. Redeeming lives and breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

Kifaru Youth and Children Centre is located in Karatu – Arusha, Tanzania and was founded in 2013 as a community based organization. In 2015 it became a non-governmental organization NGO.

Staff and Karatu village authorities work together to include the children, youth and adults most in need of KYCC programming.

Application forms are screened with special consideration given to orphans, extreme poverty, the disabled, and children of relatives or guardians who are unable to work due to extenuating circumstances (HIV/Aids, other children in the home to care for and advanced age).

Guidelines for acceptance require sole sponsorship by KYCC and not any other organization. And must be a permanent resident in the Karatu District.




Healthy living through basic hygiene, nutritional meals, physical exercise, and the prevention of illness including HIV/Aids and malaria


Acquisition of the English language for the development of spoken and written communication skills


An emphasis on the school motto, Education is the key of life to break the cycle of poverty


The importance of environmental education in order to protect water resources, endangered animals and the land for farming


Kilian Awaki

Director & Chair Person

When he was a child, Kilian lived in extreme poverty and was unable to attend school. As a result, in 2013 he founded KYCC so that all vulnerable children and adults would be able to access education and become self sufficient. He firmly believes, “Education Breaks the Cycle of Poverty.”

Pastor Philemon


Pastor Philemon loves to be a source of encouragement, joy and hope to KYCC participants, their families, staff and the people of Karatu. He is the Pastor of Gethsemane Church in Nijapenda.

Cyril Placid

Director & General Secretary

As a child, Cyril dreamed of serving the most vulnerable in society -
orphans, widows and the disabled. He is delighted to be fulfilling his lifelong dream. Cyril earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Ruaha Catholic University and is working on a Master’s Degree in Education. Cyril is delighted to be devoting his life to fulfilling his lifelong dream of serving the most vulnerable in his community - orphans, widows and the disabled.

Melania Killian


As a child, Melania dreamed of serving the most vulnerable in society -
orphans, widows and the disabled. He is delighted to be fulfilling his lifelong dream. Melania earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the Institute of Accounting. She loves to interact and play with the children when they are outside enjoying fitness activities.